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On our morning bike ride this Sunday, we met David Skaggs at Emerson Point. ​David is a local artist that was hauling on his truck bed his latest creation, a Godzilla-like depiction that he called the Red Tide Raptor!

The sculpture was made from skeletal remains of all kinds of victims of the Red Tide that washed up on the Gulf of Mexico's shorelines. If you look closer, you can see fish heads, shoe crabs, eels, crabs, fish teeth... forming the entire body!

With his art, David shows the devastating impact of the Red Tide on Florida's marine life while simultaneously making a very powerful statement for the need to fight this monster.

David bleached all the remains before he used them and covered it all with epoxy resin. While a tangible visual reminder of the Red Tide was very welcomed and quite motivating to want to do something to solve this serious problem, we were truly thankful that he did not attempt to make us relive our unpleasant Red Tide olfactory experiences!
<![CDATA[Barnacles Be Gone!]]>Sun, 07 Oct 2018 13:11:20 GMThttp://homesofrivieradunes.com/blog/barnacles-be-gone
Have you recently taken a stroll over on one of the three community docks at the Homes of Riviera Dunes and noticed something different?
Yes, there are many new pedestals installed and many more will be installed very soon. 
But look closer in the water on the floating docks and you should notice that the barnacles have been removed!
Barnacle growth on docks can cause serious damage to the docks. Not only they grow many inches thick interfering with the path of your boat and possibly scratching its gel-coat as you try to dock it, or while it is docked, but it also adds unnecessary weight burden on the docks. 
Barnacles can add many pounds to the weight of the docks and can damage the floating plastic by puncturing it. 
By removing the mussels, barnacles, oysters and other growth on the dock floats on a regular basis,  the Homes of Riviera Dunes Dock Committee ensures a long lasting life of the docks, minimizing repairs and maximizing the value of the investment that we all are making into our community.
​Thank you Dock Committee for your hard work keeping our community docks in tip-top shape!
<![CDATA[Dock Painting and Repairs]]>Tue, 25 Sep 2018 12:45:09 GMThttp://homesofrivieradunes.com/blog/dock-painting-and-repairs
Our dock committee in their constant work to beautify and upkeep our community docks has placed an order for prepping and painting dock rusty metal and concrete decks/walkways as specified by an agreement The Florida Paint Company as well as installing new bolts and channels as needed if the materials are provided by the owner. 

There is an opportunity for the owners of private slips attached to their lots to purchase the same maintenance from the contractor (Sureway Enterprises, Inc.) at a quantity discount, rather than individually, while Sureway is at Rivera Dunes servicing the community docks, if we have 10 or more homeowners with private docks that opt in.

This is a great opportunity.  If your home includes a private dock behind it and you are interested in getting this maintenance at a quantity discount, please let Bob Urso or Jconway@cscmsi.com know as soon as possible and no later than Monday, October 1st. Please provide homeowners name, phone number, email address, and property address.

Once you agree to participate in this quantity discount opportunity, you will need to download, print, sign, and return the file Riviera Dunes HOA Docks Single Family 2018 to Tim Woodman (timpaintman@aol.com, Fax: 941-745-1445) at Sureway Enterprises Inc.”
<![CDATA[Red Tide Spared the Manatee River]]>Sun, 09 Sep 2018 13:23:12 GMThttp://homesofrivieradunes.com/blog/red-tide-spared-the-manatee-river
​The algae bloom, known as Karenia brevis, or red tide, has hit the southwestern coast of Florida hard this year. It reached Manatee County beaches in early August leaving in its wake rotten odors and thousands of dead fish throughout much of August. Clean up efforts started immediately after the declaration of state of emergency by Gov. Rick Scott, containing the problem and clearing the dead fish along with its stensh. 

Residents of the Homes of Riviera Dunes were fortunate to be spared the direct effects of the red tide, despite its water access to the Gulf. Being situated six miles from Tampa Bay and 11 miles from the Gulf Coast, has created a buffer zone keeping the red tide from reaching the community.

"There are benefits to living right on the Gulf, but there are also disadvantages," said Nabil Freij. "By living in Riviera Dunes, I like the fact that I have water access to the Gulf, but also keep my distance from it," he added. 

Yesterday, a couple of residents from Riviera Dunes took their wave-runners all the way to Egmont Key and back. They reported blue and green clean water, with schools of bait fish frolicking all over Egmont Key beaches. Although many boaters were missing, the catastrophe that the red tide brought to the area fortunately seems to be receding!
<![CDATA[Slip Licenses Attached to Property]]>Sat, 01 Sep 2018 11:09:17 GMThttp://homesofrivieradunes.com/blog/slip-licenses-attached-to-property
Starting from 2018, the City of Palmetto has issued TRIM notices attaching boat slips to the property of their licensees.  

Licensees of boat slips in any of the Riviera Dunes community docks (Peninsula, Northshore, or Island,) will notice the addition of licensed slips to their 2018 TRIM notice received in August (see image above.)

Licensees should check their TRIM notice to ensure that the information is recorded correctly with the proper slip number and if not, they should contact the management company. 

Property assessments have increased to include the value of the slips, so slip taxes will be included in the assessment of your home and paid directly by licensees to the city.

The Homes Owners Association of Riviera Dunes (HOARD) will no longer be billed these taxes and will no longer send separate tax bills to licensees at the end of each year.

Licensees are also requested to update their vessel registration document and send to the management company. The form can be downloaded electronically from this site and emailed to the management company.  
<![CDATA[Central Manatee Network Alternatives Analysis]]>Sun, 24 Jun 2018 19:36:54 GMThttp://homesofrivieradunes.com/blog/central-manatee-network-alternatives-analysis
FDOT would like your opinion on the Central Manatee Network Alternatives Analysis for the different routes proposed for adding traffic capacity between Palmetto and Bradenton. ​Let your voice be heard about the new DeSoto Bridge plans before the end of June! ​Complete the survey online or you can complete and sign the Card and return it to C&S Community Management or mail it directly to FDOT. 
<![CDATA[Master Association Beautifies Walkway!]]>Sun, 24 Jun 2018 19:35:58 GMThttp://homesofrivieradunes.com/blog/master-association-beautifies-walkway
Drew Denick our Representative and Vice President to the Master Association has been behind the 20 new benches on our walkway around the pond to renew and bring continuing enjoyment to those who use the walkway. Please stay tuned for many more great things to come from Drew in the near future....
<![CDATA[New Website for Homes of Riviera Dunes Takes Shape]]>Sun, 24 Jun 2018 19:31:48 GMThttp://homesofrivieradunes.com/blog/new-website-for-homes-of-riviera-dunes-takes-shape
The new Homes of Riviera Dunes website is live and can be found at homesofrivieradunes.com. In addition to updating images and information about gate access, the new website is designed to enable Homes of Riviera Dunes homeowners to learn about the rules in our community and access the Invera, owner login and docks pages. 

Forms used for conducting our daily business, such as ARB, docks, vessel registration, covenants and much more can be found under Download

The new website also emphasizes the beauty of our area and the many Activities enjoyed in our community.

Slips for sale or lease are also listed and can be updated on an ongoing basis by owners by providing latest info via the online form under Contact.